How to Survive a Breakup with the Biggest Love of Your Life

How to Survive a Breakup with the Biggest Love of Your Life

Breakups are hard, and it doesn’t matter if you left your partner or they broke up with you. Reading tips on how to survive a breakup often comes down to positive thinking, and that is not something you can use. That is why we are offering insights based on experience to help you pick up the pieces quickly.

The first thing to acknowledge is that getting over someone is a process. It won’t happen overnight, especially if you think they were the biggest love of your life (so far). Fortunately, you can speed up the process with these tips.

Stop Every Contact with Your Ex

If you thought things through and you are confident there is no chance of getting back together, it is vital to avoid every contact with your ex. You may be friends in distant future, but you should steer clear of them for now.

That means you should respect the following rules:

  • There is no reason to send messages to your ex.
  • Never accept meeting up for coffee as friends. Seeing your ex is not allowed, at least for now.
  • Unfollow or block them on social networks. That includes Facebook, Instagram, and any other media where you are friends.

Embrace Having More Time to Spend with Friends and Family

While you were in a relationship, you probably didn’t have enough time for all your family and friends. Now it is time to re-establish those bonds and spend more time with the people you love.

Hanging out with other people is important because they will offer support while going through the breakup process. Additionally, participating in joint activities will help you get your mind off your ex. And if someone needs to remind you of the bad characteristics that your ex had, friends will be there for you.

Don’t Do Anything Stupid

It is okay to get drunk as long as you are in a controlled environment. However, you don’t want to do anything that you might regret. That means you shouldn’t text other people, especially your ex if you get drunk.

Going through a breakup is also not a phase of your life when you want to make big decisions. Are you thinking about doing a tattoo like “be free” or similar? Did you rush entering a new relationship, although you know that’s only to get back at your ex? Or you are considering changing your haircut?

Instead of doing something irrational, try to be patient for at least several days. If you are still confident that will make you feel better, go for it. But make sure that you are not making a rash decision you’ll regret later.

Do the Things You Love

If you just broke up with someone, now is the perfect time to spoil yourself. Make sure to do the things you love, such as traveling, signing up for a course, or hitting the gym.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly can be important to boost your confidence for the future. If you feel like you need advice, feel free to look for online consultation or talk to friends.